Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas is here!

I can tell Christmas is here because...

There is glitter all over my living room.

Vee-vee wore a little Santa hat.

I'm getting ADORABLE Christmas card pictures of my favorite friends kids.

My students are bouncing off the walls.

The mall is open till 10. (Oh joy!)

The gingerbread man is hanging in his spot.

There is a countdown to Christmas on my classroom's whiteboard.

One of my students built a manger scene out of legos to decorate my classroom.

The bottom half of my fridge is stocked full of Christmas cookies.

I feel the need to decorate myself with lots of jewelry and sparkley things.

Monka and Josh are coming to visit TOMORROW!

I have made plans with my friends for the annual CHRISTMAS PARTY!

I bought Christmas cards just like every year but haven't, and will probably never, send them.

Yay! to all the signs that Christmas is here!

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Alison said...

Hey Carly! I love your Christmas details...isn't the week before break fun. A little crazy but it feels like it did when I was in school. We are coming to OH next week and will be there x-mas eve and all...will we see you and Tony there? I hope so!