Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Broken Leg

Ok, it has been nine days since I broke my leg and I am quite a bit more upbeat than when I wrote my last blog. The beginning was rough because I wasn't sleeping, which made everything I had to do a much more emotional experience than was really necessary.

Monday I went to the orthopedic where I was given a walking cast. I can't walk on it yet, still have to use the crutches, but it was such a relief not to have a permanent hard cast. This one I can take off to shower or get dressed. I do have to leave it on all the rest of the time. It is really tempting to take it off at night because it is so heavy and bulky and hard to get comfortable in bed, but I have followed the rules and left it on.

Getting a walking cast really lifted my spirits. I worked all four days we had of school this week which I don't think I would have felt up to doing if they'd put me in a hard cast. My co-workers are so nice to me, helping me to do anything I need. Still, every day I came home REALLY exhausted and basically crashed on the couch until bed time. Crutching around the school is a lot of distance and really really wears me out. My students are really sweet about everything and really want to help me when they can.

I am a little concerned because as of last night, my leg and foot are still freakishly swollen. I don't know if this is normal or not, but I really feel like it should have gone down by now. The people I've talked to about it have suggested that I have probably been doing too much, which I know to be true. After an event I had yesterday (Sat) morning at school, I have done nothing. I'm still sitting around in sweats today and I'm going to keep my leg up and just be lazy until I have to go to work tomorrow morning. Hopefully this will help things improve.

So generally I feel good although I do HATE my crutches. I know that my injury is minor compared to things others have had to deal with and that I really have no right to be a baby about it. So, I will try to keep my spirits up, and I do really hope to be walking in my "walking cast" by the end of the week.


Karen said...

One of my co-workers (and best friend) broke her leg last March right before she was supposed to be in my wedding. Anyhow, long story short, because she knew teaching on a broken leg was going to be ridiculous, she used a wheelchair both in the classroom and to get around school. She said it helped with the being worn out part at the end of the day. See if your school nurse has one you can borrow during the school day.

The Mr. said...

When I broke my leg it was swollen for... well, months. When you lay down on the couch or bed make sure to prop it up, it really helps. As far as crutches... not much you can do until you build up your triceps. :) Once that happens it gets easier. By then you will probably be off the crutches. Oh... be sure to avoid puddles at school. Those can lead to very painful experiences.