Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Give me a snow day for crying out loud!

The week has gone like this:

Every morning I peep hopefully out my window. Nope. Not enough to call off school.

Yet, by the time I leave my house, there is enough snow to make the roads slippery and my drive into school a terrifying ordeal.

Then, around 1 o' clock, the snow starts to fall again so that we have awful drives home from school.

I arrive at my destination shaken up, but happily in one place without incident.

Until today.

It was snowing like crazy after school when I threw all my school stuff in my bag and headed out the door "before things get worse." The roads didn't seem too bad. There were no cars anywhere. The road appeared clear except for the powdery snow that fell and blew around. I cruised down 30 going faster than I've gone all week on the way home, almost reaching 50 mph. As I neared Wooster, I came over the crest of a hill and thought, "What in the world is that?" There appeared to be a giant rectangular object taking up the entire left and some of the right lanes. My first thought was that it looked like a train wreck. I tried to slow down. My car tried to stop, but the road was ICE. I jerked forward as my anti-lock breaks did their thing. It's a terrifying thing, not knowing whether you will ever actually slow down or come to a stop. I finally slowed as I neared the object, which turned out to be a big ole' wooster sanitation truck (garbage truck) flipped over on its side, and pressing through the guardrail. I slipped by in the small empty space between the truck and the few vehicles that had pulled off in the shoulder to help, but never did make it to a stop.

I feel like every drive I'm forced to make in this snow becomes more and more terrifying!

Seriously! What is the use of snow if it doesn't get me out of school for even a single day! One day! That's all I ask!!!

Snow is supposed to be a happy thing that brings a day off school! Come on!

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