Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Being a Cleveland Fan is hard...

In my lifetime Cleveland sports teams have lost and blown seven major opportunities I can think of. A few I don't remember, like The Drive in 1987, or The Shot in '89. Unfortunately some I do, like the '95 and '97 Tribe losing in the World Series, or the Tribe blowing a 3-1 series lead to Boston to miss going to the World Series. I've seen a Hero Browns team with a 10-6 record, become a Zero Browns team the next year. I've also seen a Cavs team lose in the Finals.

I would hate to know the stories and griefs of the old timers who haven't seen a winning Cleveland team since '64. Oh how they must be dying to see a title. It's not easy being a Cleveland fan.

I fear the Cavs are about to create yet another crushed Cleveland dream. What a fantastic year they've had. What a great team they were. Everyone thought they were invincible. Everyone thought they were unstoppable. The press, the fans, the Nation! Someone forgot to tell Orlando, because they're proving they're the team that's unstoppable. (If you don't follow sports, then know that shooting 50% from the 3-point range is unheard of. And Orlando is consistently doing it.)

Some call me pesamistic, some may even say I'm a bandwagon jumper, but the truth is they can't match up against the Orlando Magic. I don't see them coming back from 3-1. Is it because it's impossible to happen in sports? Not at all. It's happened eight times in the NBA, and heck the Boston Red Sox did it to the Cleveland Indians a few years ago. But no, I see a Magic team that's more determined, with a deeper bench, and better shooters.

Indeed, it's not easy being a Cleveland fan. In fact it's hard. I wish I were like some people that could just root for the current best team. Those people who buy up the Celtics, Patriots, and Giants gear the minute they win, claiming they're fandom... but I'm not, I'm a Cleveland fan, and I bleed Brown, Blue and Grey, and Wine and Gold.

What angers me the most (again my pesamism is coming out) is no one forsees the Cavs winning 66 games next year. No one sees us being as good as we are this year. I don't see it either. This year we're seeing something special, and it's all about to come crashing down on us.

I guess I'm writing this to rant. I guess I'm just trying to clear my mind of Cleveland sports.

I'm not sure it helped....

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