Friday, May 15, 2009

More travel on the Horizon

I love to travel. Please don't ever tell me I have to stay put. I used to long for places that I had never seen. It was almost a feeling of homesickness for a land on which I had never set foot.

I have prospects for travel this summer. The middle of June will see me in Naples with some of my favorite Milligan girlies. There will be multiple weekend excursions to Cincinnati again, I hope. Somewhere before school starts I'd like to go to a certain lakeside cabin in Louisville, KY. And I will wrap up my summer as usual at the Annual Former PCC Campout.

In the slightly more distant near future (got that?) Tony and I plan to take a little weekend in Chicago to fulfill one of the items on my life list, a U2 concert (No Line on the Horizon- 360 tour).

And last but not least, I envision a two week jaunt to Italy in 2010. The plans are in the works of my mind, and soon they will be actually in the works. I've got friends and some family lined up to go, a possible itinerary, and a little money saved up. Bring on the passport forms and the crash course in Italian!

I hope to live long and travel well! The more friends I see along the way, the better!


KB said...

i will be joining you on the italy journey !!

Carly Mae said...

Of course! You were one of the ones I was referring to!