Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bubba sitting

This week we are Bubba-sitting. Bubba is always sad when "his" people leave and he is stuck with Tony, me, and the cats. It also does not help that our cats are bullies. The pictures are of VeeVee claiming Bubba's bed for his own as soon as we brought it in.

For the first two days Bubba ate nothing but Cheez-its. I finally got him to eat his food last night by dumping the beef broth from din
ner over it.

Bubba has also been stubborn about taking his medicine. He is getting up there in years and has a lot of trouble with his back legs and hips. Stairs are difficult for him, and at our house, there are a lot. He must use stairs to go outside, and a few times a day, with a lot of effort, he conquers the long flight of stair to come up to the second floor.

These efforts are difficult enough for him, but he has also been refusing to take his jo
int support medicine.

I think he's a little happier than if he had been left home alone, but it pretty hard to tell.

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