Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Poor Monka

There are some profs at the University of Cincinnati that I would love to give a piece of my mind to. Leave my sister alone you big BULLIES! Why take a sweet, smart, hard working girl, who hopes to make the world a better place and leave her a weeping mess? Your students are people. THEY ARE PEOPLE. They have lives, they have families, and they have FEELINGS! Or at least they used to before we turned them over to you people. Crushing their spirits will not make them better doctors. All it will do is crush their confidence and cripple their abilities to perform, leaving them unable to show you what they really can do. They are capable if they have made it this far. Trust that one year of your abuse would be enough to weed out the incapables. Now, lighten up, help them learn, and mold them into good doctors!