Saturday, October 4, 2008

I spent the day hanging out with my younger cousins. Dylan is a surly 13 year old so it's hard to tell if he's having any fun. He might be secretly. Devin, at ten years old, is just along for the ride and loves to do whatever Tony and "the other guys" are doing. Sierra (almost 9) wants to do whatever I do and constantly says how much fun she is having.

Last night began with the usual traumatizing of the kitties, watching Spy Kids in 3-D, and jumping on the air mattress. I got clawed by my own angry cat, and I fell asleep during Spy Kids. I put three kids to bed in the guestroom at about
11 and had to go in a half hour later to make threats of sending Tony in (I warned them that he was in his underwear, wihich would be scary enough for all.) Eventful night for me.

We were awoken at 7:30 am this morning by young people who do not appreciate the glorious laziness that is Saturday morning.

Sierra chose the movie we would see today, so we all headed off to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I had a surprisingly lovely time. It was a bit of a kick-back to my favorite animal movies from back in the day like Milo and Otis and The Incredible Journey. You can never go wrong with smart dialog written for talking animals. Plus, Sierra loved it.

Devin, Sierra, and I spent a little time walking around at the college this afternoon. They wanted
to do "The Circle Maze" which is a labyrinth there made out of bricks. We saw some college students dressed up playing croquette on the main lawn, which I found to be amusing. I would love to do something like that.

Then we took the kiddos to Chipotle for their first experience there. Although they are super picky (Devin has only eaten chocolate chip granola bars toady until this point) they all loved it. Which just goes to prove how FABULOUS Chipotle is. Yay Chipotle, how we love you.
Now Sierra and I are off to watch College Road Trip, assuredly another Disney great.

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