Thursday, October 30, 2008

Milligan Homecoming....

Five years...

It's been five years since we've been out of college and it feels like it's been... nothing really. It doesn't feel like it's been five, two, or even ten years. Going back this past weekend and seeing everyone really felt as if we were coming back from a long summer break. A lot of familiar faces were around, walking campus felt the same, it was really almost like we never left. The only difference was the huge new building right in the middle of campus. Even the new building, oddly enough, didn't seem out of place.

All of this brings me to another thought. One I'll try to explain with clarity but will no doubt be lost in the fog of my craziness (if you got to know me you would understand that my thoughts are a little crazy at sometimes).

It could just be me, and it probably is considering I constantly remind my wife I have a black heart void of feeling, but as I reflect on the past nine years of my life I don't really feel anything about anything. I told you it was crazy. I've done kind of a lot since I started college. For one I went to college, but from there I've been a youth minister, been a driver instructor, been an executive with the Boy Scouts, and lived in three places. Realizing of course this is nothing compared to what some people do and go through, to me it's still a lot of things. But I don't feel connected or disconnected from any of these events. It's almost as if the only reality is me sitting here typing this blog. The rest is more or less a dream or something surreal.

Not to say I didn't enjoy all of it, or that I don't think about people from each period in my life, it just isn't real to me. Getting crazier isn't it.

For instance, if I were to pick up and go back to Milligan tomorrow I probably would feel as if I had always been there and never left, and everything I did in the time between would be just a dream. But this holds true to any event or time. I could pick up and go back to High School and feel completely normal, neither caring or not caring about what I picked up and left (besides my wife of course). It's as if I could place myself in any point in the time/space continuum and be content and comfortable wherever it may be, and wherever I might be at a certain point would be my reality while everything else is a surreal dream.

Alright, enough of Dr. Phil, I really started this post to reflect on this past weekend. Of which I have some sweet pics yo!

Here is a pic of me the bathroom of the place we stayed. I only put this up because it's one of the few pics of me on the trip. I was designated camera man for most of the pics.

This is a picture of a sweet looking gnome thing that was in front of Carly's old college apartment. Whoever lives there now is obviously hip, because putting a Santa Clause hat on a gnome is hot. I just think he looks cool. Carly on the other hand still isn't sure why I took it. After looking at it, now you all know why.

And finally, here is a pic of Aaron Speak and I chillin' in Sutton Hall while our wifes are up looking at their old dorm rooms being nostalgic. Funny thing is, this isn't the first time I've had to wait for Carly, sitting in these same chairs. At least now I can afford electronics to keep me occupied.

Alright, if you made it through that post I owe you a cookie. And it will have to be an oreo because I don't bake cookies.

There are more pics from the trip that we'll probably post soon.


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