Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend with friends- October 10-12

This weekend was totally fab. Since September we've been excitedly waiting to spend a weekend with Gina. Gina is just one of many friends who has found greener pastures in another state. I really don't think she's ever coming back to live in Ohio, and although I would love for that to happen, I know that it will probably never be the best thing for her. I'm fine with her being happy in Louisville because it means having another fabulous place to visit!

Friday night we dressed up nice to eat out in Wooster. Wooster has a good selection of interesting (non-chain) restaurants. I love taking people out in Wooster to try out the interesting local cuisines. We don't have a ton of them, but the ones we do have are pretty great. We went to what is probably my favorite downtown restaurant, Melvin's. Melvin's is a great little brick-oven restaurant with a little niches and yummy food. I always like to take guests there. There are two weird things about Melvin's. One: it is in a building that houses two other restaurants, all owned (I think) by the same people. Two: it is never open when I want it to be. Sometimes I will show up there and it will be closed to the public for a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or something. Anyhow, it WAS open Friday night, and we all loved our meals. I had the oven-roasted salmon (my standby), Kelli had a mushroom pizza (made in the brick-oven), and Gina tried the Blue-Cheese Strip Steak (yum!)

After eating out, we were ready to go home, get into "stretchy pants," and take a walk. Since I live so close to the College of Wooster, I have learned that it is a awesome and safe place to walk, night or day. Somehow Gina convinced Tony to go with us carrying a camera, and the following pictures ensued.
We stayed up late, watched a movie, and were in bed around one so that we could get up and have breakfast at Tulipan, the Hungarian Pastry Shop. I feel the need to take everyone who visits there as a way of sharing my Hungarian heritage. We had a fabulous light breakfast. As usual my favorite Greek Omlette Roll did not disappoint.

We went our separate ways for the afternoon. I spent time with Rachel and her family, who were also in town for the weekend. We went to the Hartville Flea Market, where I haven't been in forever and where I managed to buy an armload of stuff. Later we went to the closing sale of a shoe store where I managed to buy two pairs of shoes. Rachel and I then met up with Kelsey to have dinner at Friday's.

We closed down the night old school style with a bonfire at my mom and dad's. It was a busy but fabulous weekend filled with some of the people I love best!

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Alison said...

Hey Carly! Now it's your turn to come on down to Louisville and Gina and I will take you out somewhere! Looks like you girls had a fun time...see ya at homecoming in a few weeks here!