Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The electronic era....

Carly thinks I'm crazy the way I enjoy games, but it's no more an obsession than a hobby. Everyone has something they enjoy. Some it's model trains, writing, shopping, quilting, or fixing cars. My hobby has to do with computers, electronics, and games.

I can't help it really. I grew up working with my dad in his company building computers, networking business', and watching him write programs. I'm comfortable around electronics, and new things in this realm excite me. This is why I love Best Buy so much, because it has everything you could want (excluding spiritual things of course).

What can I say, if I had a choice of something to do while killing time and relaxing, it would be fiddling around on the computer or playing a game.

So if you have a tech question feel free to ask my advice, it's my hobby after all. And if I don't know an answer to something, I guarantee I'll love finding it for you.

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